Robotic marks

GiPSy buoys hold their position precisely with electric motors and a modern flight controller + GPS. They can be remotely controlled via GSM with RaceDesigner, our web-app, from a PC/phone/tablet . They are also equipped with buttons for fixing the actual position. 


  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Dimensions: H 1,45 m, W 1,25 m
  • Precision: 1,5 m
  • Autonomy: 10 hours with 20 kt
  • Push button for locking the actual position
  • Ion Lithium Batteries 14.4 V: 36 Ah or 70 Ah
  • Battery Management System
  • Optional: RaceDesigner web-app
  • Optional: ultrasound wind sensor


RaceDesigner is the tool designed to set precise courses. It can be used with robotic marks but as well with classical marks to get a precise course.


  • orientation of the map with wind
  • wind shift – whole course re-orientation
  • possibility of placement of reference pins
  • dragging buoy on the map
  • moving buoys by setting distances and angles compared to other references (buoys-pins)
  • quick steps up-wind, down-wind, right or left
  • drawing of multiple courses
  • display your own position
  • ruler for quick measures of distances and angles
  • wind direction & intensity information 
See our RaceDesigner video