Robotic marks

GiPSy buoy

These robotic buoys hold their position precisely with electric motors and a modern flight controller + GPS. They can be radio controlled with a joystick or via GSM with RaceDesigner, our web user interface, from a PC/phone/tablet . They are also equipped with buttons for fixing the actual position. 


  • weight 18 kg with battery
  • dimensions: height 1.4 m, bottom width: 1.25 m
  • thrust: 10 kgf 
  • double waterproof walls
  • precision: 1 meter
  • tested wind intensity: 30+ kt
  • button free-anchored
  • Ion Lithium batteries 36Ah
  • Racedesigner (web interface for remote control)
  • Joystick for radio control, 500 meters range


Racedesigner is a tool you can use to set precise courses. It can be used with robotic marks but as well with your classic marks for having a precise course.You can set a wind direction and rotate your map by using the upper arrow button. 

You can design a  course through your drawing feature, or measure the actual distances with the ruler. 

If used with Gipsy robotic marks you can move them when needed either by:

  1. inserting a new GPS position
  2. dragging them on the map
  3. giving them a distance and angle compared to another mark-reference
  4. giving them a quick step command towards the wind or sideways
  5. rotating the whole set of marks keeping the same course if the wind shifts


  • GPS
  • GSM connection
  • Inflatable mark with low drag shape by Effetto Venturi

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