surface drones for high performances events

The company produces ergonomic and environmentally-friendly surface drones and has an expertise on sailing robotic buoys.

“Building a robotic marks which works well is hard, building a robotic mark that it’s easy to use is way harder” says the founder and CEO Valentina Venturi, which spent the last 5 years concentrating on pursuing this goal.

Since 2020 she was on the waters with sailors and regatta organizers from the most active clubs in Europe operating and selling around 40 lightweight robotic marks with her previously founded company.

Effetto Venturi is born to go one step further and industrialize a brand new mark called GiPSy buoy which brings what was missing before.

A team of 5 engineers are working together to build the ideal system:

  • A plug & play product 
  • A robust structure
  • A precise control
  • A human-friendly design

Effetto Venturi buoys are equipped with a GPS and communicate through GSM or radio. The marks can be positioned precisely in the water following the course designed in the web interface.

The lightweight robotic marks can be used in plenty of applications:

sport – monitoring – inspection – bathymetry – leisure – delimitation – safety